Why Utility Pole Marking is Important for Identification Purposes

When you see a utility pole, chances are you’ll see a marking on them relaying some vital information that is needed for identification purposes. Using plastic engraved pole marking tags that utilize bar codes for utilities are a convenient way to collect data and track inspection, as well as treatment of the pole. Plus, they are important because these tags relay the information needed for identifying one pole from another.

When ordering utility marking products from LEM Products, Inc., you’ll receive flexible materials to easily conform to the pole surface and that are non-corrosive and have an outdoor lifespan of at least 20 years. In the United States, utility poles are branded with information. From manufacturers, to height of the pole, year manufactured, geographical location, and even sequential numbers, there are many specifics that are included in the marking tags. When you see the letter “M” in a tag, you are looking at an intermediate pole that was positioned in between 2 existing poles after the numbers were already placed. Here are some helpful tips about the engraved pole tagging numbers:

Poles are numbered to identify the poles with different pieces of information.

Some numbers denote a pole’s sequence in a line or route of poles. They are referred to as route or line numbers.

Some numbers are switch numbers that identify equipment attached to poles.

Embossed aluminum tags or engraved polyethylene tags are ideal for outdoor applications, as they are proven to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Both materials provide superior resistance to:

• Chemicals and Solvents
• Exposure to UV Rays
• Abrasion

These tags are tamper-proof due to the permanently engraved or embossed legends. You want to use markers that can be easily seen and have excellent legibility. As technology continues to advance, the use of barcodes has made it faster, less expensive, and more accurate to collect data from utility tags.

Use LEM Products, Inc. for the manufacturing and production of your utility pole tags. All utilities must be tagged, so use aluminum holders and customize the look of your tags to meet particular, unique requirements. Purchase them vertically or horizontally to meet your standards. When you need to identify a utility pole for maintenance, equipment problems or wire issues, utility tags are vitally important for quickly and accurately locating that pole and accessing pertinent data.