Sequentially Engraved Plastic Pole Tag

Sequentially Engraved Utility Pole Tags

LEM’s Sequentially engraved polyethylene utility pole tags provide the ultimate in customization and durability in a one piece tag. Tags can made to read horizontally or vertically and are easily attached with nails.

Features Include:
■ 0.055” co-extruded high-density polyethylene with engraved characters.
■ Withstands harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.
■ Permanent engraved characters make tags tamper-proof.
■ Flexible material adapts to curvature of pole.
■ Customize legends with prefixes or barcodes.
■ Various sizes available. Most common: 1″ text.
■ Outdoor Lifespan: 20 years, minimum.
■ Non-corrosive.
■ Vertical or horizontal orientations available.
■ Black on Yellow, Black on White, Custom colors.

■ No holder requirement.
■ No need to inventory individual tags.
■ Save time and labor.

Sequentially Engraved Plastic Utility Pole Tags