Defective Pole tags

LEM Defective Pole Tags mark the conditions of utility poles that are unsafe. Available in 3 industry standard legends, these UV resistant polyethylene tags are highly visible and durable.

Defective pole tags are typically mounted approximately 6 feet above grade. The tag with a lone arrow indicates that a utility pole has been inspected but does not require immediate action and not yet considered dangerous. It advises workmen to proceed with caution and to climb only by following the industry standard general safeguards before pole climbing.

A tag with an arrow and an X circumscribed in a circle means Do Not Climb and that the pole in dangerous condition and is intended for removal. It can only be climbed by following the industry safeguards and with additional support.

LEM offers our Defective Pole Tags in your choice of printed or engraved materials. Any marker can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Tags measure 2”W x 2.5”H and have white characters on a red background.

defective pole tags