Utility Pole Cross Arm Signs

Among the many utility pole tags and signs displayed on poles are the Cross Arm signs which warn utility workers of high voltage.  These signs are made from heavy-duty polyethylene (HDPE) and are specifically designed with a score line to allow the material to flex or to tear apart for linear or stacked mounting on cross arms.  Extremely fade and weather resistant.

Cross Arm Signs are available in two styles: engraved or printed. Colors are Black text on a Yellow background.

Sign size is 3-1/2”H x 14”W with slotted and round mounting holes in each section.

Legend reads, “High Voltage”.

Stock item #LXA75314EP is made of 75 mil HDPE and is compliant with the California Public Utilities Commission’s G.O.95 standards:

“Poles which support line conductors of more than 750 volts shall be marked with high voltage signs. This marking shall consist of a single sign showing the words “HIGH VOLTAGE”, or pair of signs showing the words “HIGH” and “VOLTAGE”, not more than six (6) inches in height with letters not less than 3 inches in height. A pair of signs may be stacked to a height of no more than 12 inches. Such signs shall be of weather and corrosion–resisting material, solid or with letters cut out therefrom and clearly legible.”

Utility Pole Cross Arm Signs, engraved cross arm signs