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Fiber Optic Cable Tags & Labels

Fiber optic cables are made from glass fibers as thin as human hair.  Their capacity to transmit light impulses for the carriage of information far surpasses that of traditional copper wire cables.  Today, fiber optic cables are used by commercial industry, government, military, educational and research facilities and many more sectors for the clean transmission of voice, data and visual information.

There are millions of miles of fiber optic cables running underground, overhead and underwater.  A variety of cable types are used for multiple applications and needs, all requiring identification by means of tags and labels.  Each type uses a color coding system for ease of identification for cable technicians.  Coiled labels are also used to identify single cables.  Most often, cables are bundled together to group and isolate their functions and also as a stabilizing factor since fiber optic cables have a bending radius that cannot be exceeded without the possibility of damage to the cable and signal transmission.

These bundles require identification so fiber optic cable tags, instead of labels, are typically used in these situations.  The tags are blank or come pre-printed with spaces to indicate the cable type or number and the fiber count.  The tags are self-laminating with a clear polyester cover which resists moisture and grease to protect the information.  While single cables might utilize a label for identification, cable tags are fastened to the bundled cables with nylon ties.  The tags have slotted holes to accept the ties for a secure mounting application.

2″ x 3.5″ self laminating fiber optic cable tags are made of rigid PVC material and come with a polyester self sealing cover. These tags are resistant to moisture and grease and can be written on with pen or pencil. Choose from 2 styles, blank or pre-printed. Both versions have (6) 0.125” slotted holes so the tags can be easily installed with nylon cable ties.

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