Controls and control panels on equipment and machinery, need identification for proper and effective use by the operator.  They display identification and instructions about the control features.  They can also provide warning and safety information, acting as work safety signs.  Industrial faceplates and graphic overlays provide this functional information in a durable format for indoor and outdoor applications.

Faceplates are sub-surface printed on polycarbonate to protect the graphics from surface abrasion, dirt, moisture, grease, oils, chemicals, uv light and more.  Surface printed faceplates are also available and printed on polycarbonate, PVC, metal and as an oem label on vinyl.  They can be printed either by silk screening or digital printing.  The printed product is then die-cut to the client’s specified dimensions for a precise fit to the intended application.

LEM creates graphic overlays for various industries, including industrial OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and the marine industry.