Electrical substations transform the transmitted power from high to low voltage. The power can flow through several substations, at different voltage levels, between the generating plant and the end user.

Substations contain a variety of equipment including switch gear, circuit breakers, transformers, protective equipment such as lighting arresters, capacitors and voltage regulators. All of this equipment is either contained within a fenced area or in an enclosed building.

substation safety signage

There are different types of substations: transmission stations which connect two or more transmission lines, distribution stations which transfer power from the transmission lines to the distribution lines, collector stations which are similar to distribution stations, convertor stations which adjust frequency of the current and switching stations which are sometimes used similarly to collector and distribution stations.

These facilities and the equipment contained within are required to be marked for safety. A multitude of different substation signs and lockout and danger tags, among others, are utilized to maintain a safe environment for work crews and the public.