Luminaire labels

Luminaire labels identify lamp wattage and lamp type for outdoor street, parking lot and general roadway lighting.  Many different lamp types and wattages are utilized including Low and high pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury and more.  In order for technicians to re-lamp outdoor lighting fixtures with the appropriate lamp type and corresponding wattage for which the light fixture was made, luminaire labels are adhered to the light fixture pole with a permanent adhesive to identify this information.

Luminaire labels measure 3″ square and display a number that corresponds to the lamp wattage.

The color of the labels denotes the lamp type as designated by NEMA D-150-1977 and ANSI C136, 15-1990 guidelines.  Yellow is a sodium vapor lamp (high pressure or low pressure), Blue indicates the lamp is mercury vapor, Red is for metal halide and Green also indicates high pressure sodium units in Canada.

luminaire labels