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Lockout Tags

Lock out tag out tags for ANSI & OSHA compliance  provide the safety measures necessary for workplace safety.  LEM manufactures stock and custom lockout tags along with lockout/tagout stations, lock-out labels and signs to help you maintain an ANSI / OSHA compliant lock-out tag-out program.   While safety signs denote levels of danger and the action that should take place, Lockout/Tagout stations contain the locks, tags and hasps to lock out equipment before and during maintenance.  Lockout devices prevent accidents from occurring during routine maintenance and repair of workplace machinery.
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Lockout stations from LEM are designed to be wall mounted at a central location for necessary safety lock out tag out tags and components to be located fast and easy for all employees. These stations are available in personal, 10 and 20 position formats with pre-drilled holes to accept metal hooks for hanging the lock out tag out tags and accessories. Stations are supplied either with or without components. Stations with components are sold with LEM lockout tags and Masterlock® padlock locks and hasps.
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Lockout tagout signs are used to indicate that a machine is subject to lockout tagout procedures and the lock out system must be checked. These signs are manufactured for wall mounting on a rigid 0.055 inch plastic material and come standard with 0.125 inch drilled corner holes.

LEM’s pressure sensitive vinyl lockout labels will adhere to almost any clean, dry surface, both rough and smooth. Theset labels are over laminated with polyester to protect graphics and are durable for both indoor and outdoor applications. LEM lockout tagout labels are available in many stock designs as well as custom formats.

LEM’s lock out tag out tags conform to both ANSI (Z535) and OSHA (29 CFR 1910) standards.

The Master Lock Safety Series products are capable of withstanding the environment to which they are exposed for the maximum period of time that exposure is expected.  Safety Series products are produced from high quality metals (steel, aluminum, brass) and plastics (Xenoy®), and designed to withstand almost any safety lockout environment.  Safety Series devices are standardized within a facility in at least one of the following criteria: color, shape or size.  All Safety Series products are available in safety red.
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To prevent removal without the use of excessive force (such as cutting tools) or other unusual techniques, Safety Series products are robust in design, and produced from substantial materials, to always stand up to normal handling and operating conditions.

Lockout Tag Out Products

Products indicate the identity of the employee applying the device. Identification labels are supplied with the Xenoy® padlocks and available for the aluminum and steel locks. Lockout tags and custom laser engraving services are also available.

Xenoy is a registered trademark of General Electric Corporation.

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