nuclear signage


Electrical power is created at power stations around the world.  It is produced by generators which are powered by a number of sources such as heat fueled by coal, gas or nuclear fission, or from water and wind power, or solar and geothermal power.

Power generation facilities are vast complexes of buildings, machinery, equipment and infrastructure requiring a huge amount of safety and warning identifications such as high voltage labels, tags and signs.  To safeguard the public and employees, critical warnings from safety warning signs along perimeter fencing to custom lockout tags on turbines and other machinery requiring continual maintenance and therefore, lock out tag out safety.  Hold Tags and Safety Tags are effective tools to display procedural information and control activities involving machinery and processes.  All of these markers are utilized every day for proper procedures and compliance.

electrical power generation labels and tags


While nuclear and traditional coal fired power plants have greatly increased safety precautions and procedures over the years, hazards still exist and accidents happen.  Among the most common hazards are those related to electrical shock and burns from arc flash, boiler fires and contact with hazardous chemicals.

Workers making repairs or maintenance on electrical panels and transformers wear protective clothing around high voltages.  Proper nuclear signage to warn and direct employees about safe distances from electrical panels as well as the dangers of arc flash and the utilization of proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are a crucial part of any nuclear signage safety program.

Boiler related accidents such as fires and explosions are best avoided with proper training of employees and routine monitoring of equipment.  Nuclear Power plants have miles of piping and valves, all needing clear identification by means of compliant nuclear signage such as pipe labels and valve tags to indicate content, direction of flow and valve numbers and valve operation.

There are many chemicals present in power plants.  To avoid dangerous contact, proper OSHA / ANSI compliant facility safety signs to mark for eye wash stations and emergency showers are available.  In addition, nuclear signage such as hazardous material tags indicate chemical types, associated dangers and required PPE.