Why use screen printing? One of the main reasons screen printing is still so important in the age of digital and offset printing is for its versatility. Digital and offset are great for high resolution imaging but screen printing can be applied to such a wide variety of substrates including vinyl, rigid plastic, metal, glass, foam board, and more.

Additionally, because screen printing has the ability to apply inks in heavy thicknesses, the imagery is longer lasting and more durable. The colors are also brighter and more vibrant.
LEM uses a variety of ink types and additives to ensure the best quality and offer moisture, UV, chemical and abrasion resistance. Our floor markers are printed with a non-skid additive.

LEM uses state of the art equipment for its screen printing services. LEM prints on materials other than paper. In the screen process, each color is printed separately through tightly woven polyester screens which hold the ink. The ink is pressed through the screens with a squeegee. Areas that are not to print are masked out on the screens so that the ink cannot penetrate through the screen.