Wind turbine facilities face a host of challenges from their location and design. Turbines are continually exposed to the elements: high wind and moisture, salt spray, lightning, sand and dust, extreme temperatures, ice accumulation and more. Corrosion becomes one of the biggest problems for these units.

The interior machinery and electrical systems in these environments must be robust enough to withstand harsh environments in order to continually provide power.

Prolonged exposure to heat causes materials to age more rapidly while cold and frost heaves cause materials to contract and expand due to ground. LEM manufactures its products from the most durable outdoor materials that can withstand extreme temperature ranges from -50°F to 250°F. Our expertise with permanent adhesives ensures and end products that conforms easily to a variety of surface materials and surface textures. Superior over-laminations protect the graphics from UV radiation and moisture.

Safety identification labels and tags and signage is needed for all parts of a typical wind turbine and the associated components and structures that create a wind generation site from the exterior fencing to transformer units, entrance hatches, interior ladders, controls, and the infrastructure of the nacelle with its intricate components. All of these mechanisms require identifying and directional labels for maintenance workers. LEM creates kits of labels for the turbine parts for ease of application by the manufacturer. These include part identification labels, confined space warning labels, arc flash labels, high voltage labels, and more.

Wind turbine towers are unique spaces to work within and pose challenges to the work crews. Confined space signs and labels warn of spaces that may have only one way in and out. Proper guidelines must be followed for safe entry, exit and work time within the space.

Reaching the Nacelle of a wind tower is a long climb to the top. Using the ladders requires a special harness to safeguard against falls. LEM provides the safe climbing instructional signage and labels to properly mark tower ladders.

Outside of wind towers are additional areas for identification. Electrical transformers require KVA labels and transformer labels to warn of high voltage and maintaining proper safety clearances. Tower entrance doors should be marked with no trespassing signs, high voltage signs and owner identification. If towers are enclosed with fencing, the same no trespassing information should displayed on fence signs to clearly identify the enclosure as private property. If the area is covered by video cameras, fence signs denoting video surveillance should be displayed.