The production, transmission and distribution of electricity is widely recognized as a serious workplace hazard.  Life threatening dangers to employees include electric shock, burns, fires, and explosions.

The human body will conduct electricity when direct contact is made with electrically energized parts while direct contact is made with another conductive surface.

Electrical accidents have typically been caused by several factors from unsafe equipment and installations to working conditions that are unsafe by the environment to unsafe work practices.

Proper, prominent and code compliant identification and marking of hazardous situations, machinery and practices are critical components to creating and maintaining safety in the workplace and to the public.

LEM Products, Inc. creates compliant safety tags, warning labels and signs to alert, identify and warn of the potential hazards of electricity.  Our wire and cable markers, arc flash labels, lockout tags, high voltage signs and more are made of the most durable and weather resistant materials to provide the clear and long lasting presence of critical safety information.  These safety labels and signs are manufactured to resist moisture and UV light and withstand intense temperature ranges.

These products conform to OSHA, ANSI and NEMA standards, whether they are standard safety hazard signs or custom vinyl labels.