Much like the generation of electrical power, the distribution of that power entails a very specific set of signage requirements in order to properly mitigate hazards, avoid injuries, and alleviate liabilities for utility companies. LEM’s standards awareness, product durability, materials expertise, adhesive knowledge, and overall manufacturing flexibility combine to enable us to meet the needs of even the largest utilities, from PG&E, Dominion Power, and Exelon Corporation to PECO Energy, UGI Utilities, Entergy, and more. Product types include:

• Nail-on pole markers, pole tags, and other marking systems
• Voltage markers/high voltage signs
• KVA/equipment markers
• Transmission plates and numbering systems
• Aerial observation tags
• Phase markers
• Underground safety products
• Delineators
• Cable fiber optic markers
• Numbers and letters
• Special symbols
• Write-on cable tags
• Danger labels
• PCB markers

Along with lock out/tag out (LO/TO) tags, OSHA tags and signs, warning tags, hoist tags, and calibration labels, LEM also provides wire and cable markers, as well as tower markers for underground- and overhead transmission applications.