oem labels

Custom OEM Labels

LEM’s OEM labels and tags streamline production while mitigating hazards and helping manufacturers to avoid customer injuries. Given our proven track record of serving the most demanding industries, our OEM users enjoy accuracy and consistency among products that include (but are by no means limited to) pressure-sensitive numbers, letters & label products, all-weather decals, and plastic and metal nameplates and faceplates for control panels.

Products bound for OEM applications are used by manufacturers of all manner of equipment; ladders, ships, wind turbines, military tanks and manufacturers of electrical transformers are just a few of the places in which you will find LEM industrial identification products at work.  LEM works closely with our OEM clients to manufacture OEM labels to precise tolerances as set forth by the client so that the label will fit the part exactly as designed.

LEM also creates sheets of various labels as needed by a manufacturer for use on the assembly line.  This enables the OEM labels to be consistently applied to parts on the line, in the order required and reduces down-time by having all of the labels in one place.  These sheets or kits of labels also act as a double-check because when the sheet is empty, the employee knows that all required labels have been applied.

And with more than 35 years of experience behind our quality control regimen, LEM’s custom OEM products deliver consistent reliability and superior service to provide safety and litigation protection while protecting employees.