“It will be great to get another visit from you here at our location, our team will be here to entertain questions that you may have. I can assure you that we have no complaints about the products or communications with anyone there at Lem Products Inc. We only have good things to say about your company and employees, along with much truth and great enthusiasm. Have a safe trip to our location and back to yours.”


“I would also like to echo our thanks for coming through for our customer.  In today’s economy, customer service and earning our customer’s trust are the best tools in our tool belt to continue to secure work.  Thanks for being a partner that has helped us to succeed that with this customer on this project.  None of us can do this alone, we sincerely appreciate your help.”


“I would also like to reiterate again how much we appreciated the binder you put together for us for presentation at the trade shows.  It was done in such a professional way that it generated a lot of interest and we were grateful that you didn’t just throw something together, you did it in a way that made people want to look through the entire binder.  We are confident it got people thinking about the needs of their specific customers.  Here’s hoping we both get inquiries, quotes and live projects from those efforts.  Thanks again for your help and partnership in helping us meet our customers’ needs.”


“I just received the approval from my customer on the book covers.  Thank you for your work on this. This customer was going to walk on us but you have helped us salvage the relationship.”