Safe + Sound Week at LEM


As a manufacturer of safety identification products, LEM Products, Inc. practices what it preaches.  LEM strives to maintain a safe, secure and healthy work environment for all its employees.  We proudly utilize our products within our facility to identify potential hazards and inform of safe practices in our manufacturing facility.  The LEM Safety Team meets monthly to review any safety issues which may arise and resolve them accordingly.

This week, August 13th – 19th, 2018 is OSHA’s Safe & Sound Week, a national event that highlights awareness of safety and health programs involving workers and management to jointly address and eliminate hazards in the work environment.

LEM Products, Inc. conducted several in-house events during Safe + Sound week in addition to its regular safety routines.

The Safety Tip of the Day is announced and explained by a different employee each day this week at the regular morning employee meeting before the workday begins.  This requires the designated employee to fully understand the purpose behind each safety tip and clearly explain it to the rest of the staff.

LEM‘s products are visual indicators of safety information.  Our manufacturing facility features updated Evacuation Maps and Holders.  Designed to be prominent in shape and color for ease of recognition, our maps are strategically placed to inform all employees of the nearest safe exit route and the locations of fire extinguishers.  As part of Safe + Sound week, LEM conducted an evacuation drill to ensure that all our staff was familiar with the exit routes of the building.

In addition to our prominent evacuation signs, LEM has taken a similar design approach to our fire extinguisher signage by exaggerating the size of graphics to create a dynamic presence at extinguisher locations that are not over-shadowed by office furnishings and manufacturing equipment.  LEM organized a fire extinguisher training session led by a fire protection specialist and former fireman.  The class ensured trained our employees in the proper and safe way to use a fire extinguisher as well as the different types of fires and appropriate extinguishers for those fire types.

Safe + Sound week is an important tool to initiate new safety routines and standards as well as to remind and emphasize the importance of existing procedures.  Safety is an ongoing practice and LEM Products, Inc. believes in practicing what it preaches.

View the OSHA Safe + Sound Week Certificate