LEM Products, Inc. educates students about careers in manufacturing

Local schools benefit from learning about manufacturing jobs where worker demand is high

LEM Products, Inc. is working to educate students about potential career opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Students from Colonial Middle School in Plymouth Meeting recently participated in a facility tour at LEM Products, Inc. headquarters, and LEM employees traveled to Stewart Middle School in Norristown to speak with students inside the classroom.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, more than 71 percent of manufacturers listed the inability to attract and retain workers as a top business concern in 2019, and manufacturing will need 4.6 million more workers over the next decade, creating a skilled worker shortage. LEM Products believes that shining a light on alternate career paths and informing younger generations of opportunities in the industry is critical.

“When kids think about what they want to be when they grow up, many students only know about becoming a basketball star, doctor, lawyer or teacher,” said Michael Hess, chief operating officer at LEM Products, Inc. “And while those are all admirable professions, children need to understand all of the opportunities that are open to them, including work in manufacturing. We are always happy to give back to our local community and help schools and teachers educate students on these opportunities. We were happy to host and talk to these bright young students.”

LEM Products, Inc. hosted students from Colonial Middle School in Plymouth Meeting on May 22 for an exclusive tour of its state-of-the-art facility and an interactive presentation on the wide variety of employment opportunities within manufacturing companies. Students also participated in a Q&A session, video presentation and engagement puzzle activity, and received sample labels, laser engraved products and brochures.

“From the time Michael, Tom, and Jeff greeted us with a brain teaser to ‘think outside the box’, to our farewell recap, our students were gripped with LEM Products, Inc.,” said Michele Stingle, Colonial Middle School’s eighth grade special education English teacher. “What made this visit most special was Jeff and Tom’s enthusiasm and keen ability to connect with our students. Now, some of my students are considering jobs in the manufacturing arena.”

On May 23, LEM Products, Inc. employees traveled to Stewart Middle School and interacted with students in the classroom, discussing possible career paths in the industry and the necessary training involved, to ensure their message about the future of manufacturing reached students throughout the county.

“College may not be best fit for every student,” said Melina Onchitta, project coordinator for the Montgomery County Workforce Development Board and organizer of the school visits. “Students need to be informed about the high paying jobs that are available in their community through internships, apprenticeships and on-the-job learning rather than going straight to college with no plan and accumulating extensive debt.”


LEM Products, Inc. Honored with Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence Award

Jeff Kulp, LEM Production Manager, accepts award

Graphic Arts Association recognizes LEM Products, Inc. as the safest printing company

LEM Products, Inc., a global manufacturer of industrial safety identification labels, tags and signs, is the recipient of the Graphic Arts Association’s (GAA) 2018 Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence Award sponsored by Beneficial Bank. LEM Products, Inc. came out on top in a competitive field with five other nominees in the category, distinguishing them as the safest printing company amongst all GAA membership.

“We are both honored and proud to be recognized by GAA for our longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and safety in the workplace,” said LEM Products, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Maureen O’Connor. “Our leadership team consisting of our Chief Operating Officer Michael Hess, Production Manager Jeff Kulp and Human Resources Manager Tracy Steinhouse, have done a tremendous job of keeping environmental health and safety at the forefront of all our business operations and a strongly-held value in our company culture.”

LEM Products, Inc. is the first company in the GAA membership to incorporate the 5S method (or Kaizen method) into its safety program. This process of continuous organization focuses on five critical steps (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) to ensure and maintain an efficient, functioning shop. “We are always exploring new and innovative methods to ensure safety awareness is prominent through engaging signage and incorporating 5S techniques allows us to do just that,” added O’Connor.

The company uses a variety of other methods to highlight safety procedures and inform employees of potential dangers. Hazardous chemicals are identified with printed, durable looped cards, which are attached to the chemicals’ transfer containers. Facility safety features, such as fire extinguishers, evacuation route maps and eye wash stations, are clearly identified with oversized signage and super-graphics in order to stand out against machinery and office furnishings, which can otherwise obscure these features. Large display boards are also utilized for the tracking of compliance issues in production areas of the building.

Nominees of the Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence Award are required to meet or exceed federal, state and local regulations in addition to criteria set forth by GAA. This includes, undergoing an annual EHS audit, having program support from senior level and executive management, having an active EHS program, well-tailored to the business’ operations, and displaying evidence of continuous improvement.


Maureen O’Connor, CEO/President of LEM Products Inc., appointed to the Women’s Enterprise Forum

The Women’s Enterprise Forum (The Forum) serves in an advisory capacity to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Board of Directors. As a member of the  Forum, Maureen will provide input and feedback on WBENC programs and other matters at the direction of the Board.

Participation in The Forum offers opportunities for WBENC-certified Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) to represent the voice of all women’s business enterprises and engage in networking and development activities with other WBE’s and member corporations and government entities. The Forum Leadership Team (FLT) and Forum Committee Representatives (FCR) are appointed by their certifying Regional Partner Organization.  Maureen was appointed by Geri Swift, President of the WBENC PA/NJ/DE Regional Partner Organization.


Market Your Way to Success

Linda Denny, WBENC President Emeritus, and Maureen O’Connor, CEO of LEM Products Inc. and Host Committee Member for the 2014 WBENC Conference in Philadelphia, present the workshop “Market Your Way To Success” on June 23.   The 2014 WBENC Conference in Philadelphia attracted over 3,500 attendees and is the largest gathering of women-owned businesses in the United States.  LEM Products Inc., owned by Maureen O’Connor, has been WBENC certified since 2002.  WBENC  honored Maureen with the coveted “STAR” Award in 2006 and the Leadership Award in 2007.


elec workers 2OSHA Updates Safety Standard for Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Protective Equipment

OSHA announced that it will be issuing a final rule to improve workplace safety and health for workers performing electric power generation, transmission and distribution work.

“This long-overdue update will save nearly 20 lives and prevent 118 serious injuries annually,” said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. “Electric utilities, electrical contractors and labor organizations have persistently championed these much-needed measures to better protect the men and women who work on or near electrical power lines.”

OSHA is revising the 40-year-old construction standard for electric power line work to make it more consistent with the corresponding general industry standard and is also making some revisions to the construction and general industry requirements. The updated standards for general industry and construction include new or revised provisions for host and contract employers to share safety-related information with each other and with employees, as well as for improved fall protection for employees working from aerial lifts and on overhead line structures. In addition, the standards adopt revised approach-distance requirements to better ensure that unprotected workers do not get dangerously close to energized lines and equipment. The final rule also adds new requirements to protect workers from electric arcs.

General industry and construction standards for electrical protective equipment are also revised under the final rule. The new standard for electrical protective equipment applies to all construction work and replaces the existing construction standard, which was based on out-of-date information, with a set of performance-oriented requirements consistent with the latest revisions of the relevant consensus standards. The new standards address the safe use and care of electrical protective equipment, including new requirements that equipment made of materials other than rubber provide adequate protection from electrical hazards.

The final rule will result in estimated monetized benefits of $179 million annually, with net benefits equal to about $130 million annually.

Additional information on the final rule is available at

The final rule is effective on July 10, 2014. OSHA adopted delayed compliance deadlines for certain requirements.


LEM Co-Hosts the WBENC National Conference & Business Fair

Governor Corbett Addresses WBENCLEM Products, Inc. proudly exhibited at the WBENC National Conference as a Host Committee Member.  The conference  drew over 3,000 attendees from across the country and from all areas of business and commerce.   The theme of the conference is, “Join forces. Succeed together”.  The majority of attendees were women business owners who are WBE certified.  The conference also attracts senior executives and buyers from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.   WBENC sponsors lectures, presentations, workshops and networking sessions to engage and promote interaction among all attendees.

Maureen O’Connor, CEO of LEM, was instrumental in coordinating the appearance of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett who addressed the conference at the opening day ceremony.

Read the interview with Maureen O’Connor in the Lehigh Valley Business Journal which discusses the conference, WBENC and success in the 21st century as a Women Owned Business.


Protect a Crucial Resource

hydrant ringsOut of Service hydrant rings provide identification of hydrants determined to be out of service or requiring maintenance.  Fire hydrant rings are also used to mark hydrants for insufficient water flow, potential for backflow into the water distribution system and unacceptably low pressure to area customers.  LEM’s hydrant rings conform to NFPA color codes to identify various flow capacities.

Theft and misuse of water is a growing problem in today’s world.  Our hydrant markers enable municipalities, waterworks and water companies, utility and power plants, hospitals, corporations and universities to identify ownership of water hydrants for security and to warn against unintended water usage.

LEM’s hydrant rings have various inner opening diameters to accommodate a range of valve sizes.  Once the valve cap is replaced, the hydrant ring cannot be taken off until the next time the valve cap is removed.

Hydrant rings are made of rigid plastic and are available in stock and custom legends, reflective and non-reflective and in various sizes to accommodate the range of fire hydrant valve dimensions.


Bring a Portable Rhino Hand Held Printer to the Job Site

printerThe Rhino Printer series from Dymo are loaded with time-saving shortcuts for labeling any installation quickly and professionally.  Connect it to your pc and use Rhino Connect software to create labels on your computer, download them to your hand held printer for even faster labeling on site.  Dymo industrial labels will not smear or fade and are made with industrial strength adhesives to resist moisture, UV light and extreme temperatures and adhere to a variety of surfaces.  LEM Products, Inc. now offers these products on our website under the Electrical Markers section.


Martin Donze Joins LEM as Southeastern Sales Manager

A strategic, multidisciplinary sales professional, Martin Donze brings to LEM Products, Inc. over 25 years of sales experience working directly for and representing leading manufacturers of pipeline valves, actuators, factory automation equipment, process systems & controls.  The various companies for whom Martin has worked have prospered and maintained a leading position in the industries served, including the power generation/utility industry.  His background & experience will contribute to drive sales and profit growth in the industrial ID marketplace for LEM Products, Inc.


Lockout Tagout – The Critical Warning DevicePrint

Lockout tagout tags and accessories provide the critical warnings to alert employees of machinery that is “locked out” for repair or maintenance.  The lockout tagout procedure protects workers from dangerous releases of power or sudden re-energizing of machinery during  routine maintenance or repair activity.  LEM produces lockout tags in both ANSI and OSHA compliant formats.  LEM is also an authorized distributor of Master Lock safety locks and accessories providing you with all of the components for a complete lockout program.

View the LEM  Lockout Tagout Brochure.


Custom Tags & Stock Tags from LEM Products, Inc. are the Solution to Mark all Critical Areas for Safety & Compliance

deficiency tag 2 croppedLEM Products, Inc. has assisted clients in designing custom tags for very specific applications on a regular basis.  Whether you need a simple vinyl hang tag, self laminating tag, Tyvek tag, plastic tag, combination tag, sequentially numbered tag, bar coded tag or a tag with piggy-back labels, LEM will make the tag you need!  LEM tags are used  to mark for as safety , inventory , compliance & regulation, lock-out / tag-out , hazardous materials and more.

LEM Stock Lama-Tags enable you to add variable information to a pre-printed tag, then seal and protect that information under a polyester cover.  Blank Lama-Tags allow for totally customized information.  The tag is weather-proof, moisture-resistance, and tamper-proof (the information cannot be altered once the tag is sealed).  Tags can be either in hanging format with metal or plastic, non-conductive eyelets and grommets or they can be applied permanently with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, suitable for almost any clean, dry surface.

Provide critical safety information and avoid accidents with LEM’s Lockout Tagout tags.  The LEM Lockout Tag meets current OSHA regulations and can be constructed for repeat use.  Bilingual lockout tags help decrease injuries among employees with diverse language backgrounds.  Lockout tags can be over-laminated to protect the graphics and hold up to grease, water and extreme temperatures.   Aside from permanence to exterior conditions, LEM’s heavy-duty super-laminated tag is made to withstand 80 lbs. of pull force.

In addition to creating products for extreme conditions above ground, try LEM’s URD underground tags for the best in a non-corrosive, tamper-resistant tag.  URD tags are constructed from PVC and available with or without self-laminating covers.

If your application requires duplication of information for tracking purposes, the LEM LTC tag with carbon paper set is the ideal solution.  This tag features our unique self-laminating cover with all of the same durability features of our popular stock LAM Tag.

LEM’s expertise in manufacturing industrial strength identification tags makes it possible to meet every standard or uniquely challenging tagging requirement.


LEM Wire Marker Books Provide the Effective Solution to Wiring Identification

Page 400 Electrical smallLEM wire markers books have good oil and water resistance with excellent print durability.  Constructed of coated cloth LEM’s wire marker books are made of general purpose materials which provide excellent flexibility for wrapping around wires and curved surfaces.  Our wire markers are made with an aggressive rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive which provides excellent adhesion.

Customer feedback, product testing and 41 years of history in the production of wire marking products support product performance expectations of approximately two years from the date of receipt of LEM wire marker books if the product is properly stored in an environment of 80 degrees F.

When you are working with lots of wires it is easy to get them mixed up.  LEM Wire Marker books solve that problem!  Simply mark each wire with LEM’s wire markers and that problem will be corrected.

Each LEM wire marker books contains 10 pages and fits neatly into your pocket.  Quick accessibility of wire marker books saves time in handling individual cards to mark wires.  Slim and light weight the LEM wire marker books are easy to carry and easy to use.  With a large selection 15 different books—numbers, letters—special symbols—NEMA colors—and terminal markers—LEM wire marker books are the convenient and effective solution for your wire and cable assembly projects.

Product Features

The LEM Wire Marker Book is an electrical wire marker accessory that is clearly printed with black letters and numbers that meet industry standards. LEM wire markers are vinyl cloth and each wire marker book contains 450 wire markers and 450 matching terminal strips. LEM adhesive wire markers and cable markers are sold through electrical supply, so be sure to ask for the LEM wire marker books and cable marker books when you order your wire markers and cable markers, vinyl cloth wire markers, wire marker books, markers, or adhesive wire markers through your electrical supply house. If you cannot find LEM electrical wire markers or cable markers contact us and we will direct you to the nearest electric supply outlet that stocks LEM wire markers and cable markers. Wire markers and cable markers are available in a multitude of legends and colors. Wire markers are available in numbers, letters, symbols and solid colors.

The letters and numbers in wire marker books and cable marker books are printed with a permanent black ink that will last and provide clear information on our vinyl impregnated cloth wire markers. LEM wire marker books and cable marker books are made of proven general-purpose coated cloth material. Wire markers are applied during wire assembly and electrical installation, and will not slip or slide.

Stock / Custom

The LEM Private Brand Wire Marker Book program offers you the opportunity to market YOUR Company Brand on your wire marker book covers and can provide cross selling information on the inside of the wire marker book cover. Ask your LEM sales representative or electrical supply distributor about the LEM Private Brand Wire Marker Book program. STOP selling the “other” brand, market your company on the cover of your wire marker books!  Call 800-220-2400 or email for more information.