Company History

Founded in 1967, LEM Products Inc. has grown from a nationwide source for electrical identification products to a global provider of custom and stock identification products of all types. These find use in a broad range of industries, including: utility, electrical, telecommunication, construction, OEM, HVAC, marine, aerospace, facility maintenance, food processing, plant maintenance, safety and transportation, and others.

At the heart of our product line is the need for businesses of all types to classify potential hazards, communicate information concerning those hazards, and take appropriate measures to prevent serious harm or injury.

Maureen O’Connor became majority stockholder in 1992 and made the strategic decision to expand LEM’s capabilities as a full-service industrial printing company. In this capacity, we provide a full range of electrical, industrial, and safety identification products for countless applications.

Since 1998 LEM has been a WBENC-certified enterprise, enabling customers’ purchases to be diversity spend qualified. Additional certifications include Pennsylvania Department of General Services and California Public Utilities (CPU).

With digital and narrow-web graphic (flexographic), offset, screen, hot stamp, and other conversion methods among our long list of capabilities, LEM Products offers expertise and reliability that are second to none. Our products serve to alert and protect persons from dangers and hazards while preserving and protecting our environment.

With an average tenure of more than 10 years, LEM’s staff is comprised of industry experts in the engineering, printing, and fabrication of materials for environmentally challenging applications that require unfailing durability. Cross-trained teams and defined training programs support our best practice initiatives, including Six Sigma, Lean, and Continuous Improvement efforts.

Our commitment to integrating innovative technologies and continually expanding LEM’s sales initiatives has led us to include private branding products for wholesale partners and resulted in steady, sustained growth over the past two decades.

LEM’s customers have responded favorably to our high-quality products, vast knowledge, and the attention to detail that have become our standards of performance excellence. Today we continue to expand our range of products and services, offering many customer-related benefits and integrating new technology (such as EDI) for the specific purpose of streamlining the buying process.

These best practices pay off in the form of long-standing customer relationships; 40% of LEM’s customers have been with us for more than 15 years. We excel in immediate customer response with “fast-turn” and low minimum-order requirements.

The LEM team is dedicated to working with our Alliance Partners in developing and expanding client communications, providing current and updated specifications, and engineering cost-effective products and production. We capture and maintain critical data in our MRP system, with Visual Manufacturing supporting consistent repeatability for every production run.

A privately owned company, LEM Products is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and the education and wellbeing of our entire staff. We embrace a team service and production approach, with a primary focus on customer satisfaction and mutual success. We respect our staff and our customers alike and approach both with a sense of trust and integrity.