Underground Safety Products

Underground Residential Transmission (URD) Tags:
LEM blank underground residential transmission (URD) tags and kits of 50 tags with nylon ties are non-corrosive, tamper-resistant and permanent.  They are constructed from PVC material and are available with and without self-laminating covers.  These tags can be filled out with nothing more than a pen or a pencil which makes them easy to use.

A variety of sizes allows for use on a range of cable diameters. Size range:  1.5″W x 3.0″H, 2.5″W x 2.0″H, 2.0″W x 3.5″H and 2.5″W x 5.75″H.  Available colors are White, Yellow, Red and Blue.
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Buried Underground Line Tapes:
LEM’s Standard Buried Line Tapes help to identify underground utility lines and pipelines to prevent accidental severing of the lines,  loss of the utility, and endangerment to construction and utility crews.  The tapes are color coded according to APWA (American Public Works Association) standards to uniformly identify the specific utility types.   These bright permanent tape colors colors clearly mark the utility line or pipeline  location after digging has begun.

Standard tapes are available in 3” or 6” widths by 1,000 foot rolls.  Tapes are manufactured from 4 mil polyethylene material to prevent degradation by natural elements in the soil.

Detectable Underground Tapes are manufactured on an aluminum core for easy location by metal detectors.  Avoid the cost of exploratory excavations to locate underground utility lines and pipelines by installing detectable warning tape.

Detectable tapes are available in 3” or 6” widths by 1,000 foot rolls.  Tapes are manufactured from 5 mil polyethylene material with aluminum core.

Available Colors for Standard and Detectable Tapes:  Black on Red, Black on Yellow, Black on Orange, Black on Blue and Black on Green.
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buried line tapes

Marking Flags:
LEM Utility Marking Flags are the ideal above ground marking system for buried lines.  Manufactured from a superior formulated PVC material, these flags resist the breakage and tearing of high wind conditions and cold weather down to -40°F.

Stock flags are 4” x 5” and are supplied on 30”, 16 gauge steel staffs.  Available in 7 blank colors (BVlue, Fluorescent Red, Orange, Purple, Red, White and Yellow) and 10 pre-printed legends in APWA colors.

Custom printed flags and alternate staff materials and lengths are available upon request.

LEM offers an easy to use flag insertion tool.    Place the Insertion Tool at the bottom of the flag staff.  Press down until desired depth is reached.  Pull out insertion Tool.

warning stakes, whiskers and underground utility marking flags

Buried Utility Line Warning Stakes:
Warning stakes from LEM are available in two styles of construction to accommodate different applications.

The High Performance Marker with the symmetrical three rib design is ideal for roadside delineation applications.  It offers the best choice for overall visibility and flexibility.  The design combines the strength and characteristics of flat markers with the low bending radius curved type markers.

The Economical Marker is designed for applications where less flexibility and a lower profile is preferred.  The dual rib design increases stiffness and improves installation.  A good choice for survey and boundary identification where increased flexibility is not a concern.  The design provides for easy center drilling and attachment of optical signs and hardware.

Made of glass reinforced polyester composite, our markers are available in standard lengths from 62 to 90 inches and in a range of colors including White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and Brown.