Substation Signage

LEM Substation Signs tell you to stay away from dangerous areas in and around substations.  LEM signs can be used on fences, poles, pylons and anywhere there is a threat of danger.  Our substation identification products are made to meet the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) which is standard in most states, has been adopted by the US Army Corp of Engineers, the US Department of Agriculture, the American Public Power Association and other similar groups.substation sign

LEM Substation Signs are available in both stock and custom designs.  Our team of experts will satisfy the need for your unique wording, special design features and durability requirements.

LEM offers Substation Signage in a variety of materials:

Lemtex is the ultimate outdoor sign.  The graphics are clear and the color bright.  These signs are sub-surface printed to protect the graphics and are made of 1/8” thick Solar-Grade Polycarbonate.  Lemtex signs are able to withstand temperature ranges from -40°F to 255°F without change in appearance, shape or performance and are outdoor durable for 15 years.

The perfect rigid sign when the specifications call for aluminum.  The baked finish with screen printed graphics gives an 8 to 10 year durability factor.  Indoor and outdoor durable.

LEM fiberglass signs have an average of 15 years durability.  Constructed with 60 mil fiberglass, these signs have protected graphics and will withstand temperature ranges of -40°F to 220°F.  Indoor and outdoor durable.

Made of durable linear polyethylene, these signs are ideal for light industrial applications.  Surface printed in bright, fade resistant inks, this sign will not fade or crack and has 5 to 8 year durability.  The LEM LEP sign withstands temperatures from -10°F to 176°F.  For indoor or outdoor use.