Pad Mounted Transformer Box Labels

Stock Labels:  These pressure sensitive markers warn children to keep away from pad mounted transformers.  Markers are available in English or a combination of English and Spanish.  Red “DANGER” marker goes inside the enclosure.  Orange “WARNING” marker goes outside the enclosure.  Labels are made from tamper resistant film with permanent acrylic adhesive which will tear upon any attempt at removal.
transformer label samples
These labels are weather proof and will not fade.  LEM transformer box labels meet both the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) standard and the Underwriters Laboratory Performance Standard number 969 for Marking & Labeling Systems.

Custom Labels: It’s your choice.  “NEMA”, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, (Mr. Ouch) “ANSI”, the American National Standards Institute (Z535.3) have worked years to achieve symbols and standards in an effort to educate and make the distribution of electrical power safe for everyone.

Pictograms such as “Hand Shock” and “Mr. Ouch” or “Shock in the Box” are all designed to convey a message as to the inherent “DANGER” or “WARNING” to children or those who may not be conversant in the language of the text displayed.  However, none of these symbols are perfect by themselves in passing the Critical comprehension test of safety.  The combinations of the various symbols when combined with the proper signal word make a more comprehensive communication.
mr ouch & shoch in box
LEM Products, Inc. can guide you through the process of creating a customized label to convey your information and make you code compliant with the appropriate signal word heading (DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or NOTICE), text and pictograms.  LEM will also advise you on materials to withstand the conditions for your application.
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