Valve Tags

Valve tags are used to identify pipes, valves and controls for the purpose of indicating pipe content, valve identification, valve operation as well as hazards such as extreme temperatures of pipe contents and high pressures.  Commercial and industrial facilities such as waste water treatment plants, oil and gas refineries, pharmaceutical companies and other complexes, have multitudes of piping and control and release valves carrying various contents for a variety of purposes.  Maintenance of these piping and valve systems is constant and requires accurate, legible and durable safety identification markers to avoid incorrect openings of valves.  LEM metal (brass, stainless steel and aluminum) and plastic valve tags are produced to suit a variety of applications.

Plastic Valve Tags

Pre-printed vinyl valve indicator tags are made of 0.010″ vinyl and measure 2.5″ x 2.5,” with rounded corners and a 1/4″ brass eyelet for attaching to valves. Nylon ties are included in every package. Vinyl valve tags comply with the ANSI A13.1 standard for color coding.  Sold in packages of 25 tags and 25 ties.

ANSI A13.1 2007 Color Guide

Blank plastic write-on valve tags provide a critical component to a comprehensive pipe marking system.  Plastic valve marking tags are durable and economical for use in all environments. Tags accept permanent marker. Valve tags are made from PVC vinyl with 1/4″ metal eyelet and are available in three sizes: 3″ diameter, 2.5″ x 3.5″ and 3″ x 5.75″. Seven colors are offered.  Plastic tags are sold in packages of 25.

LEM standard metal valve tags are available in two sizes, 1.5″ diameter and 2″ diameter. Tags can be made from 19 gauge brass, 0.036“ aluminum or 0.030″ stainless steel. Each tag has a 0.1875” diameter hole to accept beaded or jack chain. Standard and custom legends are available.

valve tags