scaffolding tags

Scaffold Tags

Scaffold Inspection Tags

Scaffold tags function like a combination of an accident prevention tag and an inspection tag. They warn of the status of erected scaffolding: whether it is in the process of being erected or dismantled and if it complies with building codes. It also warns workers whether or not the scaffold is safe to climb.

scaffold tags

Some of the most frequent workplace accidents involve improperly constructed scaffolding.  Falling tools and objects, insufficient supports and planking, and slips or falls. Scaffolding Inspection Tags alert workers to the scaffolding condition and help to ensure regular inspections for continued safety.  Safe scaffolding requires adequate foundations, proper bracing, handrails and toe-boards, adequate decking, scaffold structure of sufficient components to accommodate the anticipated weight loads, and more.  All these items must be implemented by qualified and trained personnel.

Scaffold tags are used after each inspection to denote the status and safety of the scaffold.  The Red Tag marks an unsafe condition.  The Yellow Tag indicates that the inspection has been performed and additional safety requirements are necessary for users.  The Green Tag means an inspection has been performed and scaffold is safe to use.


LEM’s scaffold tags are self-laminating which allows the opportunity to add variable information to the pre-printed tag, then seal and protect that information under a polyester cover. The tags are weather proof, moisture resistant and tamper proof (the information cannot be altered once the tag is sealed).

Tags are rigid 0.010” plastic hanging tags with self-laminating clear polyester covers. The tag comes standard with a 0.25” metal eyelet.

Scaffold tags are also available as an adhesive backed tag, made of 4 mil pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl with a front self-laminating clear polyester cover. Temperature range of -50 F to 175 F. These tags are moisture resistant, and have excellent adhesion when applied to clean dry surfaces.

scaffold tags