ANSI Z535 Safe Viewing Distances

Danger and Warning signage conveys critical information to warn of potentially hazardous situations and conditions.  These signs need to be sized appropriately to ensure clarity of the warning at various safe viewing distances and still have time to follow the sign’s message and avoid the danger.

This requires adjusting the size (height) of the letters for both the Signal Word and the Message Text in relation to the distance from which the sign will be safely viewed.  The ANSI Z535.2 (2011) Standard provides a formula to determine these dimensions.  The Signal Word should be 50 percent greater in height than a capital letter H in the message text.

The ANSI Z535.2 (2011) Standard also has calculations for slightly larger letter heights for unfavorable viewing conditions such as low lighting; for warning people at a greater distance than the safe warning distance; or for people with difficulty reading small text such as senior citizens.

ANSI Z535 viewing distance chart

viewing distances