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Safety Warning Signs

LEM makes a complete line of safety signs, warning signs and caution signs for indoor and outdoor industrial, construction, warehouse and commercial work related applications.  Our signs are made of embedded fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, pressure sensitive vinyl, reflective, fluorescent.  Safety signs are available in hundreds of standard legends that will provide proper compliance such as Emergency and First Aid signs, Fire Safety signs, No Smoking signs, Construction signs to denote Hard Hat Areas, Machine Safety signs for regulations and proper machine operations such as danger do not operate signs, Hazardous Materials signs, Do Not Climb signs for transmission towers, Danger, Caution and Notice signs and many more to properly mark the work environment.  Many stock legends are available. LEM also manufactures custom safety signs.

Product Features

OSHA and ANSI require that work safety signs indicate and define specific hazards that, without identification, may lead to injury or death.  Select your sign with the header that indicates the degree of hazard in your application.
safety sign headers
DANGER safety signs indicate an immediate hazard, which has high probability of death or severe injury.

WARNING safety signs indicate potentially hazardous situations, if not avoided, can result in serious injury or death.

CAUTION safety signs indicate a potential hazard, which may result in minor or moderate injury, but not death.

NOTICE safety signs indicate the need to provide general information to avoid confusion.

SAFETY, THINK, EMERGENCY headings are used with information about health, housekeeping, first aid, medical equipment and general safety.

LEM Safety Signs are available in the following materials:

Warehouse & Industrial Safety Signs

Non-reflective baked aluminum safety signs are available in a choice of aluminum with four corner-mounting holes or aluminum (with two center mounting holes).  A durable industrial safety sign, the baked aluminum sign may be used for parking signs, security signs, warehouse signs, fire exit signs, danger do not operate signs, OSHA compliance, etc.  Create your own custom safety sign; custom legends and graphics are available upon request.  U-channel posts are available (to mount baked aluminum signs) in high carbon grade SP-80 billet steel.
warehouse safety signs

Machine Safety Signs

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl safety, warning, exit, entrance, no smoking, machine safety, danger do not operate and security signs may be made of cast gloss vinyl with a permanent acrylic adhesive.  These compliance vinyl signs and product safety labels are used to mark in applications requiring clarity, durability, and -40°F to 180°F temperature and dimensional stability.  Vinyl compliance signs need to be applied to a clean, dry surface to enhance adhesion.  Hundreds of stock legends are available and these vinyl warning signs may be made to your custom specifications.

Polycarbonate safety OSHA and ANSI regulatory signs are sub-surface printed and are the ultimate outdoor sign for site security to machine safety at construction sites.  The graphics are resistant to sunlight and other weather conditions.  This safety sign will withstand extreme temperatures of -40°F to 255°F, with no change in appearance, shape or performance.

Rigid plastic OSHA and ANSI safety and regulatory signs will not rust and are surface printed with durable UV resistant inks. These signs are available to be used are fire signs, exit signs, emergency exit signs, OSHA signs, danger do not operate signs, warehouse signs and many, many more applications.   These safety signs are available in stock and custom formats and in dimensional design.

Reflective safety signs are available to provide necessary marking where high visibility is required in darkened areas or at night.

Stock / Custom

LEM safety signs are available in hundreds of stock sizes and standard designs.  Many of these safety signs can be customized to your specific custom safety sign requirements to suit any warehouse, construction or industrial work environment.  Whatever you need, LEM is the expert in custom safety sign design and engineering.