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OSHA & ANSI Compliant Labels

Danger labels, Warning labels and Caution labels are just a few among the many stock safety compliance labels and custom vinyl safety labels manufactured by LEM Products, Inc.  LEM is a leading manufacturer of stock and custom Safety Labels and Stickers, transformer labels, right-to-know hazard labels, quality control and OEM labels, electrical warning labels, machine warning labels and other required OSHA compliant, NFPA and ANSI compliant safety decals.   The “Signal Word” (DANGER or WARNING or CAUTION) is the large word appearing in capital letters on a colored background at the top of a product safety sign, machine safety signs or product safety label.  Protect yourself from lawsuits; mark your products for safety!
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Weather Resistant Labels

LEM Safety Labels and Stickers are available in various formats to help make you ANSI compliant per Standard Z535.4, requiring an original equipment manufacturer, to mark industrial equipment in compliance using Machine Warning safety labels.  LEM safety labels and stickers are available in a variety of materials, are resistant to extreme weather conditions and can be customized to your specifications.  Lexan labels and decals are scratch resistant labels with a durable adhesive.  There are four basic messages that should be communicated on a warning label: The nature of the hazard; The degree of the hazard; The consequence of the hazard; How to avoid the hazard.

Product Safety Labels

“Right-to-Know” hazard labels are OSHA compliant with 29 CFR-1910.1200.  LEM pressure sensitive labels and stickers display a Hazard Communication Standard requiring that employers identify hazardous materials in the workplace for the safety of employees who may be exposed to those materials.  Chemical name hazard labels clearly mark containers containing hazardous industrial waste or fire hazardous materials.  Use LEM four-color safety and chemical hazard labels to mark containers.  Write in numbers 0-4 in the colored squares to indicate the degree of health, flammability and reactivity.
Right to Know Label
PCB Markers are self-adhesive labels that conform well to smooth surfaces and withstand exposure to water and oil.  These safety labels are used to identify hazardous materials, transformers, capacitors, ballast and other industrial equipment associated with hazardous chemicals.  These self-adhesive safety labels and decals are durable chemical hazard labels.
Hazardous Waste Labels
All weather mylar individual numbers and letters are markers with an aggressive pressure sensitive permanent acrylic self adhesive.  These markers are perfectly suited for applications requiring clarity, durability and high temperature tolerance such as electrical transformer boxes.  Numbers and letters have excellent dimensional stability with no measurable shrinkage on applied parts.  They are over-laminated with polyester to be weather resistant and solvent resistant.  Flexibility and durability under abnormal environments and outdoor conditions make these markers extremely versatile.  Service temperature range is -50°F to 275°F.  Minimum application temperature is 41°F.  Self adhesive  numbers and letters are also available in reflective materials (both engineer grade and prismatic grade) for visibility at night or in low light levels.
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Quality control labels help product manufacturers or Original Equipment Manufacturers in marking for machine calibration and inspection, product shelf-life, product warranties, rejections and additional stock legends.  Quality Control, or QC labels are available in rectangular and round formats with a write-on surface and self sealing clear protective covers.  They are also available in tamper proof, frangible vinyl which is made to tear upon any attempt at removal.
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Pressure sensitive electrical transformer labels display the electrical warning for children to keep away from pad mounted transformers.  These electrical warning markers are available in English or a combination of English and Spanish.  A red “DANGER” marker goes inside the enclosure where high voltage wires and terminals are marked with conduit markers.  An orange “WARNING” marker goes outside the enclosure.  These danger high voltage labels are made from tamper resistant film with permanent acrylic adhesive which will tear upon any attempt at removal.  These weather-resistant and fade-resistant labels meet both the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) standard and the Underwriters Laboratory performance standard no.969
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Stock / Custom

LEM Safety Labels and Stickers are available in hundreds of stock sizes, designs, and materials.  Many of these Safety Labels, Electrical Warning Labels and Stickers can be customized to your specific requirements for custom colors and legends.  Create and maintain safe workplace environments by displaying safety labels and related stock and custom safety signs, custom lockout tags and more.
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