Locks & Hasps

Padlocks and hasps are key components, along with the lockout tags, to lockout equipment and power sources when maintenance or repairs are being conducted on machinery. Padlocks come in different materials such as aluminum and steel and in various sizes. Similarly, the hasps are available in different sizes, colors and with printed labels to display instructional information. These hasps will complete the lockout by joining the tag, the lock and the lockout device which is formed to enclose valves, switches and control mechanisms of the machinery to be locked out.

LEM is an approved distributor of Master-Lock padlocks, hasps and lockouts. These products include lightweight aluminum padlocks in a variety of colored padlock bodies as well as steel padlocks, both with various height shackles and keying options. Hasps come in a variety of sizes, with or without vinyl coated handles. Materials include spark-resistant aluminum and pry-resistant steel.

A range of lockout designs accommodate circuit breakers, switches, plugs and valves and more.

product locks and hasps