safety tags labels

Lock Out Tag Out Labels

Safety Tags Labels

Lock out tag out labels come in various sizes and with a variety of legends intended to display safety instructional information about the uses and components of a lockout tagout safety program such as padlocks, hasps and stations.  They comply with OSHA’s lockout tagout safety requirements.  Preventing accidents and protecting the safety of your employees and workplace is critical.

LEM’s pressure sensitive vinyl lock out tag out labels will adhere to almost any clean, dry surface, both rough and smooth.  LEM lock out tag out labels are over-laminated with polyester to protect critical graphics and safety information and are durable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Padlock labels are an easy way to quickly identify individual employee’s locks.  Employee’s simply sign the label, attach it t their locks and cover the label with a clear polyester over laminate.  Padlock labels measure 3/4” x 5” and are available in packages of 25 labels.

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