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Industrial & Safety

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) utilize a tremendous amount of machinery in the manufacturing process. This high powered equipment, if not handled, monitored and maintained properly and regularly, poses a dangerous and potentially fatal threat to work crews and maintenance personnel. An integral part of routine operation and maintenance is the use of safety identification to warn and instruct of proper procedures and potential hazards. It must also comply with local and federal safety standards. LEM is a manufacturer and supplier of compliant industrial safety labels, tags and signs to OEM’s and industrial fabricators.

Industrial machinery and equipment require general maintenance and repairs. The safe process for these activities requires a lockout of power and operation by means of a lock out tag out system. A lockout tagout procedure is the safeguard to maintenance personnel by preventing sudden re-energizing of the machinery and dangerous releases of power.

LEM manufactures a huge variety of standard identification tags and labels and signs. OEM’s will invariably require customized legends and sizes to accurately convey safety and instructional information. Construction sites require signage to warn of hazardous conditions and dangerous areas such as hard hat areas. LEM offers the option to customize products while maintaining an overall compliant design. LEM’s products display the ANSI compliant headers to denote the level of hazard: Notice, Caution, Warning and Danger. LEM’s safety identification products are made from a variety of outdoor durable materials to withstand harsh industrial environments, corrosion, moisture resistance and UV resistance so that the information is clearly displayed no matter what severe conditions the environment poses.