Hydrant Rings

LEM Hydrant Rings provide important information to firefighters regarding the functionality and ownership of hydrants.  Stock Hydrant Rings are UV and weather resistant plastic disks with printed legends. Materials are available in a variety of colors.
hydrant rings fire dept use
Out-of-Service Hydrant Rings provide identification of fire hydrants determined to be out-of-service or requiring maintenance. Fire hydrant rings are also used to mark hydrants for insufficient water flow, potential for backflow into the water distribution system and unacceptably low pressure to area customers.
hydrant rings out of service
Hydrant Rings are easily applied in the field to the hydrant steamer valve or to the smaller side valves depending the hydrant type. The rings have various inner opening diameters to accommodate a range of valve sizes. Once the valve cap is replaced, the hydrant ring cannot be taken off until the next time the valve cap is removed.

LEM also produces NFPA Flow Rings which are color coded to comply with the National Fire Protection Agency’s standard ratings for water flow capacity. These ratings are Class AA with a rated capacity of 1500 gpm or greater; Class A with a rated capacity of 1000-1499 gpm; Class B with a rated capacity of 500-999 gpm; and Class C with a rated capacity of less than 500 gpm.
hydrant rings nfpa flow rings
The NFPA designated a set of colors coded to represent each of the four flow ratings and to be applied to the tops and nozzles. NFPA lists these colors as follows: Class AA – Light Blue; Class A – Green; Class B – Orange; and Class C – Red.

The rigid plastic used to make hydrant rings cannot be torn by hand making them tamper-proof. The through-body color cannot be scratched or worn away keeping the color coding permanent.

Hydrant Rings are available in both stock and custom legends, reflective and non-reflective and in various sizes to accommodate the range of fire hydrant valve dimensions.  The most popular size is our 5.75” (inside dimension) ring to fit 4.5” steamer nozzles.  All stock formats can be customized to display company logos, phone numbers and custom texts.
hydrant rings std and ref
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