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Facility and Site Safety

Walk on floor signs (or floor markers), striped aisle marking tape, arrow markers, wet floor signs, yellow caution tapes and barricade tapes are among the Facility and Site Safety products that LEM manufactures to clearly identify workplace safety procedures and prevent accidents.
anti skid floor markers
Product Features

Floor signs by LEM are double-sided and weatherproof.  These standing floor signs are available in .004 mil corrugated polyethylene and fold for easy storage.  Of course, the most commonly used floor signs are the Wet Floor signs.  These wet floor signs are used in commercial, industrial, and other locations to mark a wet floor with the hazard-alerting signs.  Wet floor signs are a manufacturing specialty for LEM.

LEM’s 17” diameter Walk-On™ Floor Safety Sign is made of pressure sensitive vinyl with anti-skid tread laminate.  These durable safety floor markers provide clear information using a safe, non-skid floor marker.  Anti-slip, floor markers are available in custom legends and graphics.

LEM striped hazard tape and checked hazard tape are handy, quick and economical methods of marking the dangerous areas in plants and warehouses.  Available in black and yellow, black and white and additional color combinations.
hazard tapes
Hazard tape is installed rapidly and easily. It sticks to clean, dry and smooth surfaces and withstands tough indoor conditions.  Suitable applications include machinery, stairs, low beams, loading docks, doorways, aisles, guards, rails, pillars, barricades and cranes.

Our barricade tapes alert people to potentially dangerous or prohibited areas such as construction sites, restricted access areas, crime scenes and areas containing hazardous materials.  Barricade tapes with black warnings on either a red or yellow background are suitable for interior and exterior use.
Barricade Tapes
Stock / Custom

Many of these safety products can be customized to your specific safety sign requirements or to add your company name and logo.

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