Wire Markers & Cable Markers

Industry standard wire markers and cable markers, as manufactured by LEM Products, Inc., are made of vinyl cloth with pre- printed legends and are available as wire marker cards or bound in wire marker books.  These wire and cable markers are like mini tags and are made of vinyl-impregnated cloth with a superior adhesive which permanently adheres the wire marker or cable marker to the wire or cable during electrical installation, construction and maintenance for proper and compliant electrical wire identification.  Wire markers identify the wire but do not denote voltage like voltage markers.

Electrical Cable Identification Tags

Product Features

LEM wire markers are vinyl cloth tags and each wire marker book contains 450 wire markers and 450 matching terminal strips.  Wire markers and cable markers are available in a multitude of legends and colors.  Wire markers are available in solid and sequential numbers, letters, symbols and the solid NEMA colors.  For example, LEM’s Industrial Pack Wire Marker Book IPWM-0-45 contains 10 markers each of the sequential numbers 0 – 45.
wire marker book

Wire Identification Tags

Self-laminating vinyl wire markers provide permanent protection to the information once the clear portion of the marker is wrapped around the information printed on the white tab portion of the marker.  Permanent vinyl wire markers and cable markers secure the information in place, keeping it available for maintenance and repair.  These self-laminating markers are useful when small quantities of special legends are required. Adhesion to steel is 35 oz. per inch and has a temperature range of -50° to 250°F.
self laminating wire markers
The letters and numbers in wire marker books and cable marker books are printed with a permanent black ink on the wire marker tags that will last and provide clear information on our vinyl impregnated cloth wire markers.  LEM wire marker books and cable marker books are made of proven general-purpose material with vinyl impregnated cloth for maintenance, construction and product identification.  Vinyl cloth wire markers are applied during wire assembly, as tags on the wires, and electrical installation, and will not slip or slide.
wire marker book close up
Stock / Custom

The LEM Custom Private Brand Wire Marker Book program offers you the opportunity to market YOUR Company Brand on your custom wire marker book covers and can provide cross selling information on the inside of the wire marker book cover.   Ask your LEM sales representative or electrical supply distributor about the LEM Custom Private Brand Wire Marker Book program.  STOP selling the “other” brand, market your company on the cover of your wire marker books!
wire marker books custom
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