LEM is a leading supplier of electrical applications such as markers, labels, tags, and signs for a variety of uses by electrical contractors.  LEM electrical markers are essential for marking wire and cable, they are used to identify wires and wire marking components for wire and cable installation, repair and safety.

Arc Flash labels are made of durable pressure sensitive vinyl with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.  Designed to meet the most current ANSI standards for safety labeling, LEM Arc Flash will keep you in compliance with NEC standard 110.06 Flash Protection by placing these labels on electrical panels and switchboards to warn about hazards when working on energized electrical equipment.

Wire and Cable Marker Books and Cards are made of durable vinyl impregnated cloth with an aggressive adhesive that firmly wraps around the wire or cable providing clear and durable identification.  Self-laminating Markers are used for on-the-spot identification.  The bright white portion of the marker will accept permanent marker, pen or rubber stamp.  The remaining portion of this marker is transparent vinyl, which overlaps and protects the marked area when wrapped around the wire.

Snap-On Wire Markers are injection molded plastic markers that easily mark pre-connected wires and cables and mark wires that are contained in areas with limited space.

Voltage Markers provide safety marking for power lines, conduit, bus, fuse boxes, switches, electrical equipment and outlets.  These pressure sensitive vinyl markers adhere to most surfaces, apply easily and mark for safety.