The use of oil as an energy source involves many processes and locations to bring it to the end user. Exploration, offshore and onshore extraction sites, refining, production, storage, distribution and the incredible infrastructure of all these elements require infinite monitoring, maintenance and above all, safety identification.

Occupational related hazards, accidents, and injuries can and do occur as a result from human error, technological malfunction, the combination of the two and/or poor direction and information. Proper and clear safety identification is key to minimizing and preventing accidents and the impact of physical harm, in addition to the downtime such incidents create.

LEM is a supplier of OSHA and ANSI compliant danger tags and machine warning labels made of the most outdoor durable materials such as aluminum, Tyvek, polypropylene and polyethylene. We utilize UL and RoHS compliant materials for electrical applications.


Both offshore and onshore exploration sites for oil are subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, the nature of oil extraction and the substances and chemical agents involved in the extraction processes pose corrosive and deteriorative threats to identification markings.

LEM’s expertise with moisture and chemically resistant substrates and laminations allow for products that withstand extremes in temperatures, have permanent adherence to surfaces such as metals, plastics, glass textured surfaces, all with UV resistant and moisture / corrosion resistant laminations.

The presence of gases and vapors and the potential for explosion is always a concern at petrochemical sites. Personal protection signage to warn of vapors and require usage of proper PP&E in combination with hazardous material signs, fire safety and electrical arc flash signage are essential. With material options from aluminum to fiberglass to UV polyethylene, the harshest and most corrosive elements will not deteriorate the safety information.

Hazardous locations may be present due to liquids, gases or chemicals. Typical hazardous locations include: onshore and offshore drilling rigs, refineries and chemical plants, booster stations and valve areas along pipelines, loading and unloading areas in terminals, storage areas for tanks, barrels and trucks. In addition to the numerous facility safety markers from LEM, our anti-skid floor and pavement markers offer superior adhesion to metals and pavement surfaces, display clear warnings and are printed on a textured surface for non-skid performance, perfect for areas prone to grease and oil build-up and spills.

Oil operations are constantly exposed to the environment from extreme heat to extreme cold. To ensure that facilities maintain proper, code compliant identification warnings despite undesirable temperatures, and safeguard the uninterrupted transmission of power and data flows, LEM Products, Inc. provides tried and tested outdoor durable identification solutions for a wide variety of applications.