Substation name Signs

LEM Substation Signs tell you to stay away from dangerous areas in and around substations as well as identifying the substation name and owner.  LEM signs can be used on fences, poles, pylons and anywhere there is a threat of danger.  Our substation identification products are made to meet the NESC code which is standard in most states and has been adopted by the US Army Corp of Engineers, the US Department of Agriculture, the American Public Power Association and other similar groups.

LEM Substation Signs are available in both stock and custom designs.  Standard sizes are 7″ x 10″ and 10″ x 14.”

Materials offered include 0.125″ thick Solar-Grade Polycarbonate, 0.032″ thick Baked Aluminum, 0.060″ thick Fiberglass and 0.032″ Polyethylene Plastic.  All signs have pre-drilled mounting holes in each corner.

substation name signs