High Voltage Signs

LEM High Voltage signs warn of dangerously high voltage levels at electrical substations. NESC Rule 110A1 states: “A safety sign shall be displayed at each entrance. For fenced electric supply stations, a safety sign shall be displayed on each side.” LEM High Voltage signs will help satisfy this NESC requirement.

Legends include: High Voltage, High Voltage Keep Out, High Voltage Keep Away, High Voltage Do Not Enter This Enclosure, High Voltage Authorized Personnel Only, and others. Customized legends are possible.

LEM high voltage signs are available in both stock and custom designs. Standard sizes are 7″ x 10″ and 10″ x 14″

Signs can be manufactured from a range of durable materials for both indoor and outdoor applications including 0.125″ thick Solar-Grade Polycarbonate, 0.032″ thick Baked Aluminum, 0.060″ thick Fiberglass and 0.032″ Polyethylene Plastic. Each sign has mounting holes which are pre-drilled. Holes are placed one in each corner. These signs can also be printed on adhesive backed vinyl to become high voltage labels, or for use as transformer labels or as general electrical safety labels.

high voltage signs