Hold Tags

Hold tags, like work safety signs, display critical directions to control processes and activities and avoid accidents, similarly to lock out tag out signs. The bold header word, “HOLD” is supplemented with detailed pre-printed text and areas for operators and technicians to write in detailed information, times, dates and names. This can all be sealed with a protective, clear, self-laminating cover to make the information permanent.

Hold tags are made of rigid vinyl with 0.25” diameter brass grommets. These tags withstand moisture, dirt and grease and can be written on with pencil, ballpoint pen, or permanent marker. LEM’s Hold tags meet OSHA requirements for accident prevention and are up to date with the most current ANSI Z535.5 recommendations for color and design. Stock tag size is 3-1/4″ x 6″. They are packaged in sets of 25 identical tags and include 25 heavy duty nylon ties.

hold tags