arc flash labels

Arc Flash labels

After a potential arc flash is identified, it should be properly labeled. LEM arc flash labels clearly identify equipment and components for potential arc flash hazards. LEM arc flash labels are important for eliminating confusion and ensuring you have a safe workplace.

The new NEC Standard, Article 110.16 Flash Protection states: “Switchboards, Power Boards, Control Panels and Motor Control Centers shall be field marked to warn of potential arc flash hazards.” Arc flash labels should be clearly visible to qualified persons before they examine, service, adjust or perform maintenance on the equipment.

Dropped tools and accidental contact with electrical systems are common causes of arc flash injuries. Prevent accidents: mark your workplace with LEM arc flash labels to inform those working in potentially hazardous situations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that electrical burns, explosions and electrocution / electrical shock resulted in over 11,000 days away from work in 1994.

Arc Flash Labels are made of outdoor durable pressure sensitive vinyl with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.

Mark for safety and eliminate the potential for disaster…..use LEM Arc Flash Labels. LEM Arc Flash Labels are available in both stock and custom formats.

arc flash labels