July Safety Tip


How can you tell if your workplace is dangerously noisy?

  • Do you experience ringing or humming in your ears after leaving work?
  • Do you have to shout to be heard from an arm’s length away?
  • Do you have temporary hearing loss when you leave work?

Here are some administrative efforts to reduce harmful exposure:

  • Invest in engineering controls that reduce sound exposure levels.
  • Operate machines when fewer people are exposed
  • Limit time exposed
  • Provide quiet areas
  • Post signage to warn of dangerous noise levels and associated areas
  • Require certain distances from noisy machinery
  • Wear your hearing protection devices
  • Get educated on what you’re exposing yourself to everyday

It is estimated that 22 million workers are exposed to noise levels that are potentially damaging to the human ear.  As a result, U.S. businesses have paid more than $1.5 million in penalties for a lack of ear protection.