LEM Products, Inc. Honored with 2018 Safety Recognition Award

LEM Products, Inc., a global manufacturer of industrial safety identification labels, tags and signs, is the highest-scoring recipient of the Special Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) 2018 Safety Recognition Program Award. LEM Products, Inc. received top marks in a competitive field with 17 other honorees, distinguishing it as the safest company among all SGIA membership.  (Read article from SGIA Journal)

“We are so honored to be recognized by SGIA with the Safety Recognition Award for the third year in a row,” said LEM Products, Inc. President and CEO Maureen O’Connor. “As a manufacturer of safety identification, we work daily at LEM Products, Inc. on walking the walk when it comes to ensuring safety in the workplace. The products we make have to convey vital safety information for our customers, and in turn our driving motivation is to have a safe and secure environment for our employees to work in each day.”

Based on a point system, the SGIA program rewards participating companies who have completed actions such as bi-monthly safety checks, establishing a safety committee and attending safety webinars. LEM Products, Inc. was awarded top marks in part for its General Industry Hazard Recognition training, a 30-hour course developed by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Safety Council, in which 100 percent of its employees participated. The comprehensive course educated workers at all responsibility levels and across all industries about potentially common workplace hazards. Soon after completion of the training, the company celebrated a meaningful milestone: 1,000 days without a lost-time accident.

“Our relocation to a new and larger facility in 2017 provided the perfect opportunity to implement practices and procedures that demonstrate our deep commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees,” said Production Supervisor Jeff Kulp. “Since our business is so closely tied to OSHA and worker welfare, we were inspired to make our new plant a stronghold for safety. We are dedicated to protecting workers across all industries from hazards of the job and that includes our own employees. We will continue striving to improve our practices throughout 2019 and in the years to come.”

LEM Products, Inc. utilizes its own industrial signage products to highlight safety procedures and inform employees of potential dangers. Hazardous chemicals are identified by printed, durable looped cards attached to transfer containers; facility safety features are clearly marked with oversized signage and super-graphics in order to stand out against machinery and office furnishing, including fire extinguishers, evacuation route maps, sprinkler system best practices, and eye wash stations; and large display boards are utilized to track compliance issues in production areas.

The company also created safety signage highlighting how to not accidentally impede the sprinkler system following an annual fire department building inspection, and recently updated machine safety guards, adding eye shields to screen printing dryers to protect from intense light.

The company’s outstanding commitment to safety was previously recognized with the Graphic Arts Association’s (GAA) 2018 Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Excellence Award. Nominees were required to meet or exceed federal, state and local regulations, in addition to criteria set forth by the GAA.

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