Self Laminating Tags

Accident Prevention Signs and Tags

LEM manufacturers a complete line of durable plastic safety tags including danger tags, warning tags, accident prevention tags, equipment tags, inspection tags, fiber optic cable tags and many more.  Many of these safety tags are self laminating tags, and bilingual tags.  Custom legends are available.  All meet applicable OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for tags and signs.  These safety tags and signs draw attention to potentially dangerous or abnormal situations in your plant, such as High Voltage areas.  Confined Spaces are marked with confined metal signs and confined space danger tags with highly visible printed headers of DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or NOTICE.
Accident Prevention Tags
Product Features

LEM Safety Tags with carbon sets make inspection easier to correct deficiencies at hand, as well as provide carbon sets for simple record keeping.  These industrial safety tags and inspection tags are made to meet your specific design and contain your defined information.  These regulatory compliance tags are durable tags that are available for Chemical Safety, Industrial, Accident Prevention, Lock-Out Tag-Out and all tags requiring DANGER, CAUTION and NOTICE headers. Once this durable self laminating safety tag is sealed, the information is tamper proof and permanent.  Simply remove the carbon sets prior to self laminating the safety tag.  PCB, NFPA, OSHA and ANSI safety tags are available in this format. Use these safety tags to mark bottles drums or containers with hazard information.
carbon set tags
A carbon set safety tag is the ideal non-compliance tag and inspection tag.  This safety tag provides carbon copies for easy record keeping.  Write-on safety tags, warning tags and other specialty safety tags (such as vehicle hang tags) are available in Tyvek™ and write-on vinyl. These safety tags will accept marker pens, ballpoint pen, and pencil.  The write-on surface is durable and moisture proof.  This blank write-on vinyl tag may be re-used when a grease pencil is used to apply the information.

Self laminating Danger, Caution and Notice Tags provide a self-sealing polyester cover that will permanently protect information and allow you to apply photos and other exact information for lock-out tag-out, compliance, accident prevention, regulatory compliance and safety.  Once this durable industrial danger tag is self-laminated, the information is tamper proof, weather resistant and permanent like safety signs.  PCB, NFPA, OSHA and ANSI danger tags are available in this format.  Use these danger tags to mark for Confined Space, Danger, Caution, Compliance, accident prevention, lock-out tag-out, and to mark bottles, drums or containers with hazard information.
self laminating warning tag

Custom Inspection Tags

Available in stock and custom formats, LEM offers safety tags, warning tags, parking permit tags, bar-coded tags, sequentially numbered tags, biohazard tags, radiation tags, inspection tags and many more.  Use them in conjunction with safety and warning signs for a maximum display of information.  Safety tags and warning tags are available in several styles; all offer excellent chemical resistance and weather resistance. Stock safety tags are available in units of 25 identical tags.
tags various
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