Hundreds of companies large and small trust LEM for identification products for use in energy generation applications. In fact, we are a supplier to some of the largest energy companies in the U.S.

Energy applications require very specific signage, and our designers and engineers bring in-depth understanding of the regulatory/standard requirements at play.

Whether products are sold to distributors or wholesalers, we have the expertise to properly mark hazards for electrical contractors, power company technicians, and the general public. We manufacture ANSI- and OSHA-compliant labels, signs, and tags, wire and cable markers, voltage markers, transformers, arc flash labels, and much more. Together these guarantee that all relevant parties are made aware of hazards, and ensure that working conditions pose no risk of serious harm. LEM products are tamper-proof and weather-resistant to ensure clear, permanent messaging in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

Oil & Gas

LEM manufactures numerous safety and identification signs, labels, tags, and more for oil and gas producers. From “Call 811 Before you Dig” identification (as required by the Common Ground Alliance), and buried pipeline markers to lockout/tagout, valve- and inspection tags, emergency shutdown signs, buried line tapes, and beyond, our materials and adhesives expertise enables LEM to create the most durable products, including machine warning labels, lockout tags, OSHA/ANSI-compliant warning labels and tags, pipe and valve markers, calibration labels, and control panel faceplates.

From stateside solar installations to oil fields of the Middle East, and along the length and breadth of the oil and gas supply chain, LEM is the producer of choice on countless refineries, oceangoing vessels, aircraft, vehicles, etc.


LEM is a provider of identification labels, tags, signs, and more to major public utilities and power generation companies. Our products even find use within the demanding regulatory world of the nuclear power industry. Nuclear installations must adhere to a strict, and very different set of procurement requirements, and LEM has a proven ability to meet these demands. The more precise engineering needs and tight delivery timelines associated with scheduled maintenance outages create a unique set of product demands, and LEM is happy to oblige.

In addition to equipment faceplates, LEM calibration labels and control markers provide clear identification and status information for monitors and control equipment. Additional products include safety and security signage, lockout/tagout tags, pipe markers, and hazardous material labels and tags. Together, these are some of the ways LEM enables safety, compliance, and functionality in the power generation workplace.


LEM is a manufacturer of safety, security, and instructional labels, tags, and signage to leading wind turbine manufacturers. Our perimeter security signage and other products also find use in all areas of wind generation facilities. Wind-related products include: faceplates, voltage markers, and calibration labels for monitoring equipment; transformer and arc flash labels for electrical transformers and related components; fall protection labels for turbines; and machine warning and safety labels for the inner workings within nacelles. We also understand that tower interiors must be marked as confined spaces, and our design expertise enables us to meet these demands with ease.