Custom Safety Signs

Founded in 1967, LEM Products, Inc. has steadily grown from a national source for electrical identification products to a global provider of custom and stock industrial identification and safety products with an ever-expanding range of applications.  Today, the Company serves a variety of industries, including Utilities, Electrical, Telecommunication, Petrochemical, Construction, OEM, HVAC, Facility Maintenance, Food Processing, Transportation, Marine, and Aerospace.  Across these industries and many others, LEM’s products are relied upon to simultaneously convey crucial safety, warning and hazard information, fulfill regulatory and commercial standards, and withstand extraordinary conditions.

Industrial Safety Labels

The ability to customize identification products is crucial in industries such as utilities and construction, where tags, safety signs and labels are utilized in proprietary industrial settings or to convey job-specific information and hazard identification.  As with forced inventory, repeatability, and adaptability challenges, the responsiveness of the manufacturers’ process is integral to providing customization solutions.  LEM maintains a supply of stock tags, safety signs and labels and with its staff designers, printers and technicians, is able to provide the custom safety labels, custom safety tags and custom safety signs to accommodate the identification needs of its industrial customers.

Because identification and safety products must consistently convey safety information and warn of any potential hazard while maintaining compliance with regulatory and commercial standards, customers need both repeatability and adaptability from a single manufacturer.  Product variation and product noncompliance create uncertainty in the field with consequences for users and businesses.  An OEM will utilize standard machine safety labels but invariably will require custom safety labels to respond to the processes and products being manufactured.  Field technicians for utilities need to monitor and mark equipment for calibration, maintenance and safety.  While an array of standardized tags exists, custom safety tags can more accurately denote the required information and the added bonus of LEM’s self-laminating tags offers UV and moisture protection for any hand written notations.  Maintaining and repairing industrial equipment requires similar stock and custom safety identification in the form of lock out tag out labels, tags and high voltage labels to safeguard against dangerous releases of power or sudden re-energizing of machinery during routine maintenance and repair operations.  A construction site will typically utilize signs to warn of conditions and requirements such as hard hat areas.  Custom safety signs allow for specific warning, hazard or regulatory information to be displayed.  LEM’s safety warning signs display the standard ANSI headers to denote the level of warning and are constructed from a variety of materials to handle different environmental conditions.

Safety Signs and Labels

Faced with the challenges of the modern global economy, industries such as construction and utilities increasingly look to their own business relationships in order to identify those partners with the ability to work together toward quality, innovation, and sustainability.  By maximizing the quality and efficiency of manufacturing and management, LEM Products Inc. has consistently provided its customers and distribution alliance partners with not only the highest quality industrial identification and safety products, but also the certainty and flexibility that are essential to achieving these goals.